Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hanging Photo Frame Part 2!


My cousins recently bought a new house, and I thought this hanging photo frame would be the perfect house warming gift. I have the step by step instructions here but I thought I would add some pictures of the steps.

My version (part 2):

Note: I was originally going to attach the white "W" to the frame for their last name, but the frame is not flat so I was concerned that hot glue would not hold it on. So, ignore the "W" in the materials picture.


Set up your pictures in whatever order looks best. You are going to want to cut some of them to fit.

Measure where you want to put the string, make a mark on either side. Keep in mind that the strings will sag slightly.

For this frame, I used these hooks for the strings instead of hot glue. I was able to hand screw them in easily.

Tie the string off with a double knot!

Hang pictures on string and adjust as needed.

Tie a bow with your ribbon.

Hot glue the ribbon directly on the frame in the top middle.

Hot glue on the ribbon.

Gorgeous! Another great DIY treat! Such a simple project that is easy to replicate.

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