Sunday, May 25, 2014

Decoupage Plates


I got the original idea for these plates from a craft book called "The Big-Ass Book of Crafts" given to me a few years ago (found here). I am a huge reader and book fan, especially of historical novels and mysteries, so I wanted my decor to match this love! 

My version:

Original Idea:

- Smooth, clear glass plates
- Pages from a book (I used an old copy of Wuthering Heights from the used book store)
- Any image you like
- Clear, oil-based polyurethane
- Elmer's glue
- Wide, flat art or paint brush 1" and 2"
- Scissors/x-acto knife
- Water

Step 1: Cut out the image you want for the center of your plate. I used an x-acto knife.

Step 2: Coat the picture with watered-down elmer's glue. Make sure the water makes it thin enough to spread evenly.

Step 3: Stick the image to the back of the plate so you can see it from the front.

Step 4: Cut book pages into strips 2" x 2"

Step 5: Glue the strips to the back of the plate using the watered-down elmer's glue, covering the entire back of the plate.

Step 6: After the glue has dried, cut off the edges of the strips that are having over the side of the plate.

Step 7: With the 2" wide paintbrush, paint the back of the plate with a thin layer of polyurethane. Let it dry.

Step 8: Repeat step 7 two more times, making sure the let the polyurethane dry between coats.

If you want to hang your plates, like I did, head to the hardware store or Target and pick up some plate hangers, then install them on the wall! Easy DIY decor with a personal it! I have these hanging over my bookcases so it really adds a create feel to my "library" :D

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Glitter Mason Jar Candle Holder - I saw it on Pinterest


I made these jars a few months ago for a St. Patricks' Day Bunco party, but these would be great to make for any holiday, event, or just for daily decor!

My version

Pinterest version

- Mason jars of your joice ( I would stick with wide mouth)
- glitter of your color choice ( I chose a green and gold combo glitter)
- Modpodge
- Ribbon in the color of your choice
- No flame, electric tea lights

I followed the directions found here on Lilyshop's blog. The only step I changed was putting a candle in at the end! Note: you do not need much modpodge. I went way overboard and it took them almost 2 days to fully dry. It spreads well so I suggest 1/2 inch for a smaller mason jar! These turned out so cute and I can't wait to make more for upcoming events! So easy! A 5 star Pinterest makeover!

Here they are with some of my other St.Patricks's decor. And my naughty cat.