Friday, May 6, 2016

Pink and Mint Chalkboard Themed Life Planner Printables: July 2016-July 2017

Drum roll please....

I'm back! And this year I am opening up with the most adorable Chalkboard-themed downloadable printable for the 2016-2017 school year.

Last year I threw together a bunch of Pinterest printables and made a pretty adorable planner for school. All of my fellow teachers and staff were very jealous and wanted their very own personalized planners for next year! I accepted said challenge and decided to take it a step beyond last year...time to hand design and create my very own printables! 

There have been many hours and countless curse words put into the creation of this printable, but I am very proud of the result. This Mint and Pink Chalkboard themed calendar includes a two month calendar (this is a must for me), about me info page, week at a glance, personalized front cover, notes page, and to do sheets. I can't wait to print this baby out and share it with my fellow teachers! 

I intentionally made the notes, to do, and week at a glance pages minimally colorful because color printing can be expensive! But I personally believe (and I am not biased at all) that those black and white pages still look adorable and work perfectly in this planner. I am selling these printables on both Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers. Check it out!!!

Here is a sneak peak :)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

DIY Stringy tank; Part 2 - I saw it on Pinterest


I made a t-shirt in this design last summer and gave it to my sister. She wears it all the time and
I was so jealous I decided to make one for myself! Again I used a $2 t-shirt from the goodwill, and followed my own directions found here

I love how it turned out. I especially love the flexibility of this shirt... I can wear it to the gym or out shopping and look great either way! Pair with a sports bra or funky bandeau for a fun summer tank.

Happy summer days!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

DIY 2-Page July '15 - July '16 Calendar Pages


Last year around this time in the school year my best friend gave me an Erin Condren Teacher Planning Book for my birthday. All year I was obsessed with my beautiful full-sized planner, but there were some portions of the book I didn't use because as an RSP teacher I don't do the same type of "lesson planning" as most teachers.

That being said I became inspired, and then motivated to make my very own planner for next year, filled with the things I would definitely use. Pinterest has so many wonderful printables for this purpose! However, I could not, for the life of me, find a July to July 2015-2016 calendar. I could not even find a blank one I really liked! I decided that it was time to venture down the frightening path of DIY technology.

Little did I know I actually have the Microsoft Office program called "Publisher" already on my computer. It took me some time, but I came to find that I really enjoyed making my very own tech art.

In the spirit of giving I want to share my first attempt at a two-page, July to July calendar. It is so simple to print these babies out on high quality paper and get it bound for $3-$5 at your local office or copying store.

Here is my wonderful printable to share!

July 2015 - July 2016 Calendar Pages

Here is a sneak peak:

I can't wait to put this beauty together!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DIY dog toy - I saw it on Pinterest


Since I have been doing all of these DIY t-shirts, I had a ton of t-shirt scraps that needed a project. I saw this awesome idea for a dog toy on Pinterest and thought I would try. It was WAY simple and my dog loved it!! Add a few treats in the middle to make it even more fun!

My version

Pinterest version

- T-shirt or fabric scraps
- fabric scissors
- dog toy (as shown above)

- Step 1: Take out your fabric scraps. Cut them into strips. I did a variety of sizes, varying from 1-4 inches wide and 5-24 inches long. My dog really seemed to like the long ones because they requires a few tugs to take out. 

- Step 2: Stuff the strips into the ball. I had no rhyme or reason about how I stuffed them in. Add treats in the middle as wanted!!

So simple and practical for your furry friends!! A 5 star DIY project!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

DIY NO SEW Tank! - I saw it on Pinterest


This is a super quick and easy tank that is a great for summer!

My version

Pinterest version

To make this bomb-diggity tank, follow the steps found HERE on the wonderful Wobi Sobi website. 

Note: The sides of my shirt were way too baggy for my taste, so I simply pinned, then sewed a seam down the side to bring it in a bit.