Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DIY *No pattern* Girl's Personalized Shirt - I saw it on Pinterest


This is a proud moment for me. I saw this adorable shirt on Pinterest and pinned it, originally as inspiration for a shirt I wanted to make myself. However, when I got an invitation in the mail to attend a birthday party for my friend's 2 year old, I was immediately inspired. Being that I am on summer break from teaching, I have time to craft, and who doesn't love a good DIY gift! So a few weeks and some cursing later, I brought this little gem to the party along with my glitter name sign, which I will post soon.

My version

The beautiful Lily wearing my DIY tank!

Pinterest version

A note: This DIY requires a basic understanding of sewing. I will try to be detailed in my steps, but since there is no pattern, I made some stuff up as I went! Use your judgement (or your mom, like I did) and imagination!

- Cotton t-shirt in the size of your toddler :)
- quarter fabric of a matching pattern or color
- fabric scissors
- chalk
- straight edge/ruler
- double folded bias tape of a corresponding color
- sewing materials


- Step 1: Use the chalk to mark out the shape you want your tank to be. 

Step 2: Cut off the neckline of the shirt

Step 3: Cut just the sleeves off of the tank

Step 4: Use the chalk to mark the new shape of the back. Cut the extra.

Step 5: Mark a spot about 1/2 an inch from the top shoulder seam on the backside with the chalk. You are leaving some allowance for when we re-attach the new fabric. Then, make another line about 1/2 inch above your original line across the mid back, you are leaving this allowance for when you re-attach the fabric.

Step 6: Cut across the line your just created on the top shoulder seam. Then cut straight across the line at mid-back that you drew earlier. This should completely separate that back piece.

Step 7: Lay the back piece that you just separated onto the second fabric. Use the chalk to outline the shape exactly, EXCEPT at the top should seam, where you should allot that extra 1/2 inch that you left on the shirt.

Step 8: Cut out the new shape.

Step 9: Use the chalk to mark a small half-oval along the bottom middle of the piece.

Step 10: Cut this shape out, then fold back the edges about 1/8 inch, pinning along the way. This will be our seam to avoid fraying. (It is difficult because of the oval shape, so just make it look your best!)

Step 11: Sew your seam.

Step 12: With right sides together, place the overlapping fabrics together, then fold them under and pin. For the line along the back, I pinned all the way across the straight back line so this would be one big seam. Sew them together, keeping as straight as you can. I used pink thread for this back line. For the top should seam, try to make your seam as close to the edge of the original seam as possible so the transition is smooth. 

Step 13: Pin on your bias tape, making sure that you get the original material inside the double fold. Then sew on the bias tape, using thread that matches the bias tape color.

Step 14: Grab your corresponding fabric again. Cut out the letter you want on the front of your shirt. Fold back the edges and pin. Then sew the edges.

Step 15: Place the "L" where you want it on the shirt. Pin it on. Then, using a wide zig-zag stitch, pin the letter on. (Note: I did NOT use the zig zag pattern. My mom informed me after I had already finished that I should have done so. The zig zag stitch will hold the edges of the letter down better against the shirt)

Step 16: Final touches. I noticed that the sides of the shirt were gaping, so I put a small stitch running from the armpit to about 2 inches down, angling toward the outside of the shirt. This brought in the sides perfectly. If you are making it for your own kid, then you can size it on them and adjust any fit issues.

VOILA! Finished product. Her mom said she loves it and she has already gotten compliments on it! A 5 star updo for sure!

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  1. Amazing. It looks so much harder when you describe all the steps! You did such a good job!