Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY no-sew workout tank - I saw it at....Walmart?


Believe it or not, the inspiration for this one came from a shirt I saw at Walmart. My sister recently gave me a shirt she wanted "up-cycled" into a workout shirt, so I thought I would give this style a go. It was so simple and turned out cute.

My version

Walmart version


- T-shirt (this was just an old t-shirt my sister was going to toss...)
- fabric scissors
- chalk
- cardboard

- Step 1: Lay out your t-shirt. Using the chalk, mark out where you want to cut. Try your best to make sure both sides are equal. I only went to about 1 inch away from the top seam on the strap so that the two straps stay together.

  - Step 2: Put the cardboard between the two sides of the shirt so you don't accidentally put a hole in the other side of your shirt (been there, done that.)

 - Step 3: Use the fabric scissors to cut off the sleeves, then the collar. Pinch the fabric and make a small cut to cut out the inserts between straps.


Boom! I think this is the easiest one to date! The precision cutting did take some patience, but it was so simple! A perfect upcycled t-shirt that deserves 5 stars!

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