Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIY No-sew Stringy T-shirt - I saw it on Pinterest


I am currently loving the T-shirt up-cycle trend that is happening on Pinterest. I am obsessively buying shirts from the Goodwill and making them way cool.... so when I saw this shirt on Pinterest I knew I had to try and re-create it. I think it's my favorite yet!

My version

**these pictures come BEFORE I brought in the sides...**

Pinterest version

- T-shirt of your size, or a little bigger (Mine is a size Medium I bought from the Goodwill for $2)
- Chalk
- Fabric Scissors
- piece of cardboard
- OPTIONAL: Sewing materials

- Step 1: Lay out your shirt. Using the chalk, mark what you want the t-shirt to look like when you are through. I "eye-balled" it, but you can use a measuring tape or ruler to make it more precise. 

- Step 2: Put your cardboard piece between the front and the back of the shirt so you don't accidentally put a hole in the other side.Cut the front and the back along the lines you marked. Check to make sure that the straps at the shoulders line up evenly. 

If your T-shirt fits perfectly, then you are DONE here! Mine was a little big on the sides, so here is how I fixed that...

- Step 3: Put the shirt on. There are two ways to do this. 1: use chalk to mark where you want to sew a side seam; or 2: use straight pins to pull the shirt in to where you want. I advise using step 2 because then you can make sure you get the right fit. I only sewed for about 4-5 inches and then tapered off because I liked the fit of the bottom

Here it is with a bra underneath after I took in the sides.. ..

A 5 star Pinterest makeover! I am going to give this shirt to my sister and make myself one, I just love it so much! Simple, summery, so EASY!

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