Thursday, April 24, 2014

Submerged Color Hanging Mason Jar - I saw it on Pinterest


I can honestly say that this creation was a culmination of Pinterest perusals and garage sale inspiration. A few weekends ago at a garage sale, I noticed a box of wood marked "free." My ears perked right up. My mom and sister thought I was certifiably crazy, but this was good, quality wood that had so many possibilities! One piece just happened to be perfect mason-jar size and inspiration struck!

My version:

Pinterest versions:

Here's how I did it...


- Piece of wood, whatever size you want
- Mason jar, whatever size you want
- spray paint black AND whatever outer color you want
- paint (I went to Home Depot and got a Sample Size of the color I wanted..I also used it for my pallet art).
- paint brush
- sand paper
- pencil
- ruler
- pipe clamp
- drill
- screw
- photo hanger
- hammer
- fake flowers


 - Step 1: Sand your wooden block to eliminate splinters. Paint it the color of your choice. Set it aside so it can dry

- Step 2: Using the steps outlined in this Pinterest post, first turn your mason jar over and spray paint it black.

- Step 3: Once the black spray paint is dry to the touch, spray it with your outer color. Spray using smooth, even, sweeping motions to avoid drips.

- Step 4: Once that layer is dry (or dry enough to flip), flip the mason jar over and spray it again, making sure to get any spots you might have missed the first time.

- Step 5: Hopefully by this time your wooden block it dry. If not, wait for it to be totally dry. Then, lightly sand it again. The more you sand it, the more rustic it will look. I tried sanding mine with steel wool, but that didn't work so great.

- Step 6: Choose which side is the front and which side is the back of your board. Using a hammer (and extra nails if necessary), attach your photo hanger to the top middle of the back of the board.

- Step 7: Measure your pipe clamp to be just a bit larger than the middle of your mason jar.

- Step 8: Using your ruler and pencil, mark on the wooden board where you want to drill the pipe clamp. Make sure to use the jar as reference so you make sure the whole jar and most of the flowers will fit on the board.

- Step 9: This is where I required some manly assistance. Using a drill, first drill a hole in the pipe clamp. Make sure you pick a spot where you will still have access to the turning wheel so you can tighten it around the mason jar. 

- Step 10: This was the trickiest step. Because the mouth of my mason jar is narrower than the rest of the jar, we could not simply drill the pipe clamp onto the board so we had to get really creative. INSTEAD, I suggest attaching the pipe cleaner around the middle of your jar. Hold the spot where you drilled into the pipe clamp against the pencil mark for where you want your jar. Drill that sucker in! Adjust it so it is straight.

- Step 11: Make sure your jar is totally dry. If so, take a small piece of sand paper and sand the words on your jar to make them stand out a little more. 

- Step 12: Place your mason jar inside the pipe clamp and turn the dial until the mason jar is firmly attached. 

- Step 13: Insert flowers of your choice and hang. Enjoy!!

I definitely give this Pinterest makeover 5 stars! I was a little worried at first but it is so funky and I just love a good mason jar with pops of color! I put a couple of pics next to it to fill the space and I just love it! It perfectly matches my new Target pillow and the pallet art I made last week. Hooray!

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