Thursday, April 24, 2014

Garage Sale Gold!


I found these golden items at a few different garage sales a couple weekends ago. Not pictured, also found: 3 pieces of FREE lumber (one of which was re-purposed to a mason jar craft).

First up: Window mirror

Ever since I moved into my itty bitty apartment I wanted a window mirror over the sink. My kitchen has no window so it is incredibly dark and boringggggg. I thought a window mirror would look great. So when I found this little baby at a garage I literally did a little happy dance. It was already that great, rustic turquoise color that goes with my red and matches a few other things in my kitchen. I was ready to pay a gross amount for this reclaimed item, so when she said $2 I was very excited! Here is my $2 window mirror that gave my kitchen the face lift it needed!

Second: Hush Puppy Moccasin Slippers

These were a totally random find. Walking through an Estate Sale, I found these little babies in a bucket full of $2 shoes. I love shoes, and I especially love fun, funky shoes, so I thought these were just great! I was a little worried 1) that I wouldn't be able to pull them off and 2) that the last person who wore them is most likely dead, but neither of those things have stopped me from rocking them already (after cleaning them, of course)! :D

Woohoo for livin' thrifty!

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