Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DIY dog toy - I saw it on Pinterest


Since I have been doing all of these DIY t-shirts, I had a ton of t-shirt scraps that needed a project. I saw this awesome idea for a dog toy on Pinterest and thought I would try. It was WAY simple and my dog loved it!! Add a few treats in the middle to make it even more fun!

My version

Pinterest version

- T-shirt or fabric scraps
- fabric scissors
- dog toy (as shown above)

- Step 1: Take out your fabric scraps. Cut them into strips. I did a variety of sizes, varying from 1-4 inches wide and 5-24 inches long. My dog really seemed to like the long ones because they requires a few tugs to take out. 

- Step 2: Stuff the strips into the ball. I had no rhyme or reason about how I stuffed them in. Add treats in the middle as wanted!!

So simple and practical for your furry friends!! A 5 star DIY project!

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