Sunday, August 3, 2014

Consignment store GOLD


I struck gold this week at my favorite local consignment boutique, Deja Vu In A Dress. I walk into the door and the wonderful owner, Colleen, tells me I have $77 in credit! Wowza! A hint to anyone who gets rid of their clothes via Goodwill....STOP! Find a wonderful consignment shop and make your clothes go far. I now have some fabulous new choices for this Fall's wardrobe....can't wait! Hallelujah for livin' the thrifty life...

MY stuff:

Not pictured, but also purchased: 1 maxi dress, 2 tshirt dresses, one pair of clog shoes, one long sleeve shirt (these items were for my Mom, Sister, and Grandma...they definitely put us over our $77 but not by much considering the crazy number of clothes/shoes we got!)

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