Sunday, June 8, 2014

Well, hello!

Hi! My name is Shannon Eller and I love buying treasures at thrift shops and yard sales. I am by no means a professional at refurbishing items, but I enjoy doing it! I started when I bought a house last August. I decided I needed to fill my house up with "stuff" without becoming completely broke. Hence, thrift store and yard sale shopping. I also stink at blogs, well, technology in general. So, I apologize if this blog doesn't turn out as wonderful as Amber's entries.

Speaking of Amber, she is my awesome cousin! Although we live far apart, we discovered that we both like crafts and cheap crap from yard sales and thrift shops. Amber generously allowed me to be a guest author on her blog. So, every now and then I will be posting my finds. Hope you enjoy!

Here is my latest project: Reupolstering this chair!

I found this little gem at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. It was an awesome score. The lady had TONS of antiques and collectibles. She was selling everything and told me she began her "hoarding" in the late 80's. She said that she would buy antiques and sell them at fairs and festivals, but it is no longer profitable.

She was selling this chair for $25, but I talked her down to $15.

The fabric was left over from one of my other projects (got the fabric at Joann's for $4.68)

And I only used a staple gun to attach the fabric. I borrowed the staple gun from my dad.

So, here it is! Now the chair is sitting next to the wood stove by the doorway so my husband will HOPEFULLY take off his boots at the door and not track mud throughout the house!


AFTER: This took me about 20 minutes.

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