Thursday, June 19, 2014

DIY Printed T-Shirt (No sew optional): I saw it on Pinterest


This is another hybrid's based off an idea I saw on Pinterest, but some of the ideas are my own (believe it or not)! Here is how I made the coolest shirt ever...

My version

Below I will give the directions for both the simple sew and no sew options for the shirt. If you want to make a shirt that will last perhaps a bit longer and look store bought, do the sew version. If you want a more rugged, home-made look, go with the no sew option!

- Men's solid-colored undershirt (mine was Fruit of the Loom, size Small....If you want a baggier look, go with a size bigger. Also, I recommend Hanes, their shirts tend to be softer than Fruit of the Loom)
- Bleach in a spray bottle
- printer
- thick paper (cardstock or photo paper) or stencil
- X-acto knife
- scissors
- chalk
- sewing machine
- matching thread
- straight pins


Step 1: Lay your shirt out and use the chalk to mark where you want to cut your shirt. If you are doing the sew version, make sure to leave enough room for your seam.

Step 2: Using sharp scissors, cut along your line using large strokes. Make sure that the top lines up straight. As you can tell in mine, I did not cut the neckline. If you want to cut yours, go for it!

For NO SEW: stop here. Return at step 5.

Step 3: Using the straight pins, pin the seam down however large you want. I did a small seam because I did not leave enough allowance. Best practice is to fold the seam over twice, then pin. Try to make sure you have the same size seam all the way around. 

**Note: my shirt was gaping on the sides, so I made a small pleat in my seam on both sides to help pull that in.

Step 4: Sew your seam down.

Step 5: If you are doing a stencil, skip this step. Otherwise, go onto your computer and choose the logo you want to have on your skirt. Copy and paste the symbol onto a word document. I HIGHLY recommend that you start by print a small version to test on the sleeve of your cut shirt. I did this in order to see how the bleach sprayed and how much I would need. Print out the sample, black and white, on the thick paper.

Step 6: After testing your sample by following steps 7 - 9, re-size your picture to whatever you would like and print again.

Step 7: Use the x-acto knife to cut out your picture. You don't have to be too perfect because the shirt isn't meant to be perfect!

Step 8: Place a couple of small pieces of rolled tape on the underside of your cut out symbol. Lay your shirt down flat in a bleach-safe area (i.e. outside in bark, cement) and put your symbol onto your shirt. Push down so the tape is really on there. A step that I missed, but wish I had done, was to put a piece of cardboard or something between the two layers of my shirt...some of the bleach bled onto the back.

Step 9: Step back and spray! I started with two sprays, waited, then sprayed once more around the symbol in a spot that I had really missed. You don't want it perfect, so some imperfections are great. After first spraying it will seem like nothing is happening....just wait! It takes a solid 30-45 seconds for the bleach to really start showing itself. Be patient before you get crazy with the bleach.

Step 10: Take a step back and spray one or two more times towards the bottom of the shirt to give it that splashed look.

**Note: wear janky clothes. I got a bleach mark on my dress :S

Step 11: Let dry. It seemed to dry very quickly, but I still waited about 24 hours before washing this baby. I washed it on cold, but I am confident that next time I can wash it with all of my clothes and have no problem!

This is a SOLID 5 star redo! I absolutely love this shirt and have worn it numerous times! People have actually thought I bought it...woohoo! I highly recommend this craft and it is seriously SO easy! DO IT!

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